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Trend Sentiment Analyzer


The TSA gives you all the tools you need to measure, monitor, understand and engage with social media users.


Covers major social media sources and news


With TSA, you get access to the most comprehensive database of social conversations and news, with real-time coverage and historical posts. Our crawlers collect more than million new posts everyhour, from sources including blogsforumsnews sitesTwitterYouTube,Facebook and numerous other social network services.

Automated Sentence Sentiment


Instantly discover the tone of important conversations and track the impact of your social strategies over time. With our TSA engine, you can drill down into conversations and understand drivers of positive and negative sentiments.

Instantaneous results


In today's fast-paced world of social media and news, your organization needs answers right now. Time sensitive events require you to quickly identify the people driving conversations; understand who they are, and their relevance to your company, brand and products. 

Text analytics


Get a handle on the topics, events and themes driving key conversations – as well as how they relate to your company, product and brand. By exploring TSA' robust text analytics you can get to the root of relevant conversations or branch out from existing discussions and topics, to discover new ones, and better understand the many factors that influence them.

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