Review: Stretch your NoSQL database with MarkLogic 8

Enterprise-oriented document database brings powerful indexing and flexible querying to a broad range of data types

MarkLogic is a document-oriented, distributed NoSQL database from the company of the same name. In the world of MarkLogic, a document is principally an XML file, though MarkLogic can also handle JSON documents, text files, image files, audio files, and more. If you can put it in a file, you can put it in a MarkLogic database. The system’s ability to ingest JSON and manipulate it with the same ease as XML is new with the latest release, MarkLogic 8.

MarkLogic describes itself as schema-less, in that two documents in the same database can be composed of completely different structures. In addition to easy manipulation of text, MarkLogic’s querying system also recognizes RDF (Resource Description Framework) and geospatial data.

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